Bike Law Resources

There are so many issues related to bicycling and the law, and we try to stay on top of all of them. Here is a collection of some of our top articles from the Bike Law blog.


What to do after a bike crash

You’ve been hit on your bike, now what do you do?

Read our tips and guidelines on what to do after a bike crash.

Bike Insurance

Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Accidents?

Yes, often your car insurance will cover a bike crash.

Read about what you need to know about proper insurance coverage.

Bicycle Lights

Are Bicycle Lights Required?

Every state has different laws for bike lights and reflectors.
You can read a broad overview of bike light laws here.

The Lost Art of the Group Ride

In 2011, Peter wrote an iconic article for an upstate SC website reminiscing about the old days of camaraderie and culture in road cycling. The article, “The Lost Art of the Group Ride”, has been downloaded and read over 100,000 times.
You can read it in its entirety here.

Lost art of the group ride