We are a Bicycle Crash Law Firm


We are a bicycle-only law firm representing cyclists in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina.

It is all we do, and all we have done for many years. We combine our vocation of the law with our avocation of the bike and spend all day, every day, protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists.

Our Team

We believe in client advocacy and cause advocacy. We fight for injured cyclists, our clients, and for better bicycling, our cause. We see ourselves as part of a social change movement. Our team is comprised of individuals that share this passion. Each of us does something different; all of us work together to get it done.


Peter Wilborn // Attorney (MD & SC)



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Peter Wilborn Bicycle LawyerGrowing up in Bethesda, MD, Peter was a “Breaking Away” kid. Since the early 1980s, he has ridden a bike almost every day. He has raced, toured, commuted, and ridden for fun.

In 1998, his brother Jim was killed riding a bike by an underaged driver speeding through a red light. When he and his family hired a lawyer to help, one of the first questions that lawyer asked was, “Did Jim have a D.U.I.?” The family, confused and in disbelief, said “No.” And the lawyer’s response was, “Well, why was a 28-year-old man riding a bike?!”

Thus, he realized first hand the need for lawyers who understand cycling — who are cyclists themselves — and devoted his law practice to Bike Law following his brother’s death. From the start, calls and referrals have come from friends in cycling clubs and bike shops and from advocates for better bicycling. Year after year, his practice has grown; seeing that confirmation of the need for bike lawyers, he founded the Bike Law Network of bike lawyers across the country.

Peter has been honored to represent the families of too many deceased cyclists, along with the hundreds of others he was helped over the last twenty years.

Read Bob Mionske’s interview of Peter here.

Peter is a Life Member of the League of American Bicyclists and is a League Certified Bicycle Safety Instructor. He is rated as an AV Preeminent Attorney (4.9 out of 5) and has received awards for his pro bono work from the South Carolina and American bar associations.

Peter regularly speaks to bicycle clubs, advocacy groups, and law enforcement personnel on bicycle safety and bicycle laws. He is especially interested in the etiquette and culture of cycling, and his article “The Lost Art of the Group Ride” has been read by over 125,000 riders.

Contact him directly: peter@wilborn.law // 843-416-9060

Timmy Finch // Attorney (SC, VA & DC)

Timmy Finch Bicycle LawyerTimmy is a D.C. native and a graduate of the Charleston School of Law. Before joining Peter, he worked as a criminal prosecutor for five years. He has extensive trial experience as a lead attorney and has handled hundreds of complex cases.

A former bicycle messenger in Washington, D.C., and Seattle, Timmy has raced on the road and track. Timmy still uses a track bike to get around (when he is not riding his Bullitt Cargo Bike).  As a cyclist and lawyer, Timmy feels a responsibility to help injured bicyclists. His lifelong love affair with the bike and sense of justice are what brought him to Bike Law in 2014.

And speaking of riding, in 2017, Timmy was a member of the Bike Law team that tackled the Race Across America!

Contact him directly: timmy@wilborn.law // 843-416-9060


Rachael Maney // Advocacy and Outreach

Rachael is a competitive triathlete and is known for riding her bike long distances and very quickly. She most recently was a member of Team USA at the 2017 ITU Long Distance World Championships in Penticton, British Columbia.

Herself hit by a car while training, she has a client-focused approach to our work. She knows the indignities of road riding (especially as a woman) and the trauma of being a crash victim; she uses those experiences to better guide our clients through the legal process.

She advocates for better, and safer, cycling in the D.C. Area. She works directly with law enforcement there to increase safety, bike law knowledge, and crash responsiveness.  She designs and implements campaigns to reach cyclists directly about their rights and responsibilities on the road. She is particularly passionate about the growing threat of distracted driving and is directing our efforts to stop it.

Contact her directly: rachael@wilborn.law // 843-416-9060

Carrie Staton & Bonnie Schafer // Paralegals

A law firm is only as good as its paralegals, and we are lucky to have two great ones, Carrie Staton and Bonnie Schafer.  Carrie handles the medical portion of our cases, working with our clients to understand their injuries, collecting and reviewing medical records and bills, and coordinating the efforts of life-care planners and other experts. Bonnie handles the litigation-side of things, and brings many years of experience in legal drafting and case management.  Contact them directly: carrie@wilborn.law / bonnie@wilborn.law // 843-416-9060